Table Tops

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For those looking to buy a quality and durable table for home (Snack Table, Dining Room, Living Room Small Tops, Outdoor, any furniture tops, etc) or office (Conference Room, Executive Room, Kitchen and Lunch Room, etc), granite topped tables are an excellent choice.

We can present you the most recommend shapes, colors and finishes that will give your furniture a truly great final look. However, you already have a dream design in mind don't worry! We can make it happen.

To hold the weight of the stone, pedestals or bases are usually made out of wood or carbon steel.

Which stone is best for you?

Know which natural stone is best for you and for your project. There are many aspects to stone surfaces and all must be taken into account when choosing a slab. The origin of the stone, your preferred edge profile, and the porousness of the stone will dictate whether or not you can use it for your project. You should ask questions about the material and about the care and maintenance required.

Many household cleaners contain abrasives that may damage the finish of the stone. Always consult a licensed fabricator when purchasing stone. They contain a wealth of information about the stone you are purchasing and that information will help you keep your stone looking like new for years to come.