Marble and Granite Fabrication

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The combination of traditional marble and granite for less fabrication techniques and our highly skilled professionals along with the latest technology allows us to create elegant designs and finishes.

With over 10 years of experience in marble and granite fabrication, we are prepared for any project, whether it is new construction or remodeling.

Our marble and granite for less fabrication center is strategically located in Pompano Beach, South Florida, where our technicians work to create all sorts of custom pieces such as kitchen countertops, table tops, stairs, floor and wall tiles, bathroom vanities, shower walls, window sills, fireplaces and wet bars.

Creative Design with Marble and Granite for Less

The appearance and composition of marble and granite influence its use. Marble, for example, is a softer material and therefore less scratch resistant than granite is. Moreover, the carbonate present in its constitution reacts with acids, changing its color and contributing to limit its use.

Depending on the intended end use, the stones may have a rough or smooth finish. Marble and granite for less made for indoor applications are normally coated with special products that can prevent stains. For outdoor we recommend the use of marble or granite without polishing, therefore creating a more rustic, non slippery surface.

We start our service by evaluating the stones and the layout that will best suit the room that we are working on, that's to provide you with the best solution available. Please, contact us to schedule a non obligation onsite quote.

Marble and Granite Installation

Marble and Granite Installation is a very delicate work that must be done with care to enhance the beauty of the stones. The finish must be carefully done so the grout between one piece and another will be very difficult to notice, sometimes, almost invisible. The right tools and knowledge are necessary for the successful execution of this type of work. Also, we are ready to offer helpful tips and advice as special care is recommended to keep the durability and beauty of this gift of nature.

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