Kitchen Countertops

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The kitchen is the one of the coziest environments in your home where your family spends most of the time and you get together with friends to enjoy a nice meal and a relaxed chat. Today's kitchens are surrounded by technology so using a beautiful, natural stone will bring elegance and will emphasize the sense of purity.

Granite stones present a flecked appearance while marble will show veins and swirls of color. The variety of patterns allows the stones to match any kind of kitchen design providing a relaxing feeling to more intense colors like green or gold.

Kitchen Floor

The flooring material should be less porous as possible to avoid the fixation of fat and food residues. Natural stones have a higher porosity and require greater care. Among the natural stones, granite is considered the hardest material and more suitable to be used on the floor.


The use of granite tiles for countertops is a great idea for any kitchen size.

The kitchen countertop is where food is prepared so it must be easy to sanitize. A polished finish makes the countertops easy to clean and pleasing to the touch.

Island and Tables

The pleasure of preparing meals while receiving friends becomes even greater if your kitchen has an island, which becomes the stage for the "chef" and his or her audience.

Granite Island can also serve as a cutting board since the stone is very hard and almost scratch proof. It's also great for rolling out pastry dough. Also the surface is heat resistant so you don't need to worry when serving hot dishes on the island or table.

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