Floors & Stairs

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Natural stones have porosity greater than porcelain, therefore they require more care. The granite is more suitable than marble for use as kitchen or bathroom floor tiles.

Granite is an igneous rock composed of quartz, feldspar and mica and its main characteristic is its high resistance to abrasion (no scratches). Mineral grains are visible to the naked eye and that is the main feature of their aesthetics.

These rocks are very hard, crystalline, and therefore are quite resistant to scratches and heat. Granite is considered the toughest natural material defects and use.

Granite Flooring and Staircases

A natural stone flooring conveys elegance and possesses a rare beauty and its resistance cannot be imitating by the ceramics industries.

For kitchen areas, chose a polished finish for easy cleaning. The color black is an excellent choice for kitchens because, being dark, do not show any stain.

Considering the natural beauty of these stones, a staircase made out of granite fills the room with a tone of great sophistication, very pleasant to the eye.